Are online casinos safe to play?

January 10, 2017

Most players who like to try an online casino for the first time have the same question; is it safe to play in an online casino? This is a very logical question because you will need to give your payment details to be able to make a deposit and you will transfer your money to the site hoping that they will not steal your money. In general it’s very safe to play in an online casino but there are a few issues we will discuss in this article which need your attention before you make your first deposit.
Before you open an account at an online casino and make your first deposit do a good research. Visit different review sites and see the comments from players and search in google on the casino name to see if there a bad reviews or many complaints from people. You can visit some casino forums or portals where you can find the best online casinos. Just be sure to read at least 10 reviews of an online casino to get a good idea of the site.

Nowadays almost all casinos use very sophisticated security systems and it’s not so easy anymore for hackers to steal your personal information from online casino sites. But we always advise you not to make a deposit with your creditcard or bank wire in the casino itself but to use an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill. When you use for example Neteller you can deposit money in your Neteller account which is one of best secured banking sites and from your Neteller account you can make deposits in different casinos.

When you win money you can send your winnings to the same Neteller account and you can use it to pay some where else or withdraw it to your bank account. In this way you have your creditcard and banking details only in one place online and not at different casino sites and don’t know what will happen with your details.

Before you deposit money always first read the terms and conditions. We know it’s a long text and that 90% don’t read the terms and conditions, but just be that clever 10% that does read the terms and conditions and knows what to expect from the casino. You are going to spend your money there so you better know what things they can do with your money and what can happen with certain actions.

Also it’s good to test the customer support by contacting them on the live chat or send them an email and see how fast and professional they reply. If you are a new player and you have to wait too long to receive an answer or they are not nice to you than why should you spend your money there. Just imagine how they reply when you have a serious problem if they don’t help you in the first moments of being a member.

Finally we would like to mention that in most online casinos you can set betting limits so you can control your money. If you want to spend maximum of €200 per week you need to be able to set this in the casino so once you reached this amount the system will block your account until the period has been finished again.

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